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Lengas offers a critical panorama of the knowledge acquired by sociolinguistic research in the last thirty  years. On the basis of a real case, the Occitan language, considered in its geographical and historical entirety from the medieval period until now, Lengas has developed a meticulous and also open-minded analysis about situations of linguistic antagonisms and diglossia in Europe and in the world.

Latest issue
81 | 2017
La langue et la guerre : témoignages oraux et écrits littéraires en occitan

numéro coordonné par Joëlle Ginestet
La lenga e la guèrra: testimoniatges orals e escriches literaris en occitan

 The 15 march 2016 study day on occitan testimonies and accounts on wars, whichtook place at the University Toulouse Jean Jaurès in the context of the ELH-PLH laboratory research projects, gathered specialists in linguistics and literature. The invited speakers investigated the transition from the linguistic collectages to the start of oral accounts of war episodes, the edition of texts written during armed conflicts, some collections of poems or novels written on the front line, far away from it or afterwards, all of them in different dialects of the occitan language. Regardless of the period, being aware of this plurality of voices in the occitan field turns out to be essential to deeply understand the individual and collective traumatic experience.

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